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We all know it is pain to find a qualified technician or a home helper at a reasonable price. Nobody want to hire a helper without knowing his reputation. In our Daily Helperz App, home helpers are pre-screened and rated for every job they perform. Everybody is asking to employ refugees but nobody offered them a job so we are taking the initiative. Daily helperz aim is to help prepare pre-screened Refugees for home services (Cleaning, Cooking, Fixing furniture, Painting, Electrical Maintenance, Plumbing, etc ) in Malaysia which will help reduce the highly priced services. Home owners will get a technicians / home service personal in the same way Uber assign their drivers for a ride.

Daily Helperz Services

We pre screen skilled professionals that can perform fast & reliable services. We help you hire part timers for :

  • Home Services
  • Health & Fitness
  • Movers & Dispatchers
  • Tutors

Home Services

A social media manager is the individual in an organization trusted with monitoring, contributing to, filtering, measuring and otherwise guiding the social media presence of a brand, product, individual or corporation." But I can do that myself, you think. And you can - but not as effectively as a social media manager. Our SMM are dedicated to studying your social profiles and designing a plan to get your social presence the biggest reach by studying content, times, analytics, and much more that business owners actually running businesses just don't have time to do.

Health & Fitness

Would you believe we could create an ad on Facebook that will only be shown to men in their thirties who live in KL, have 1 child under the age of 5, and own a home they bought less than a year ago? Imagine your carpet cleaning business targeting homeowners who have owned a home in Penang for 4 years and have shown interests in cleaning companies - can you imagine the leads generated from an ad like that? Rather than old school mediums like newspaper ads that take a "shotgun" approach with impressions.

Movers & Dispatchers

Google’s users are generally younger and more tech-savvy as compared to those of Bing. Being more tech-savvy translates to more comparison shopping and potentially lower conversion rates and higher cost-per-conversions. While Bing cost much lesser than Google, but it is more suited for older generations of 40 years and above.

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Learning is a lifelong journey, and age is never a limit for you to learn new things. Widen your horizons by picking up new skills and knowledge from experienced and reliable tutors. Language Tutor, Music Tutor, Cooking Tutor, etc

Wait in Line

Waiting in line. It’s the worst. Sometimes you may opt out of an experience altogether to avoid one. We don’t blame you –– but we have the solution. Simply hire a Tasker to be your personal line sitter. And you have to swap places in line once the Tasker is near the front. When you book your line stander, you’re able to communicate directly with him or her. That means you can hash out the details and once it’s nearly your turn, you’ll receive a text, or a call, or whatever works for your life. And it’ll be like you’ve always been there.

Pet sitters

Vets agree, pets are most relaxed where they're happiest — at home. Sitters look after your pets and your home. They'll keep it safe and secure — and even water the plants!

We specialize in Home
Care Services

About Us

After more than 10 month of raising money for Refugees critical cases, we came to the conclusion that we solving the wrong side of the problem.

We could continue to collect money forever and we will only manage to help fraction of the those of needs help. Each case can take up to 10 days of get the needed help.

Daily helperz aim is to help prepare Refugees for home services (Cleaning, Cooking, Fixing furniture, Painting, Electrical Maintenance, Plumbing, etc ) which will help reduce the highly priced services.

Daily Helperz is operated by a highly energetic multi-skilled team in Marketing & Technology.

How It Works

  • 1 Choose a service that you need
  • 2 Give us a call or use daily helperz Mobile App
  • 3 We will search for a skilled Refugee to serve your needs
  • 4 daily helperz team will schedule the visit time with you
  • 5 Refugee will do the required task and your credit card will be charged